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Choi Kwang Do: Preparing Children For Tomorrow

Choi Kwang Do training empowers children.  Our students learn to support each other wholeheartedly with positive reinforcement, which creates a pleasurable environment to learn in. Our students receive no criticism or punishment. Rather than pointing out the wrong way, we show them a better way by redirecting or correcting the movements and techniques.

We also downplay competition. Young children canít distinguish between winning/losing in a competition and winning/losing in real life. When children lose in a contest, they often feel like they have lost in life as well.

Since the child is still forming his or her sense of self, this belief is negative reinforcement and detrimental to their growth. Even in school, children compete against each other for high grades and praise, and much of the curriculum involves abstract analytical skills and facts. At Choi Kwang Do, we understand that learning comes not only from the intellect, but also from interactions with other people and knowing that you really can achieve your goals!

  "Choi Kwang Do has done an exceptional job with our son.  Griffin has gained self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-respect. . . all while having fun and working out in a safe, nurturing environment."  Sabine Goodwin

Children at Choi Kwang Do learn to encourage others to grow, to support each other, to be patient, to share, to behave with decorum and to compassionately relate with, rather than compete against, each other. In our protective, affirming environment, children can relax, make friends, learn, enjoy their training, and develop pride with humility. They learn to keep a clear, strong mind; they learn about commitment and persistence; they learn that achievement takes time; 
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