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             Choi Kwang Do: The Ideal 21st Century Exercise

By choosing to exercise regularly in Choi Kwang Do, and by monitoring levels of intensity, frequency and duration, people can achieve optimal levels of health. Because the techniques are based on biomechanics, muscles, tendons and ligaments can all work together to become strong. CKD training also positively influences the functions of the organs and systems in the body, stimulates the brain, helps balance brain chemistry, increases production of antibodies and activates more Natural Killer Cells which improves the immune system. Intensive training, on the other hand, suppresses the immune system.

Anaerobic and aerobic training are also a part of Choi Kwang Do classes, because we understand the need for both. Aerobic training improves the heartís endurance by increasing the blood stroke volume, which enlarges the left chamber of the heart. Anaerobic training makes the left chamber walls of the heart thicker because of increased pressure on the left chamber of the heart.

CKD movements are performed in a relaxed, soft manner when they are performed in the air, but when performed on targets, they can produce incredible power because they use proper biomechanical patterns. When combined with target training, these patterns are a powerful tool to develop bone and joint strength. Both the left and right sides of the body are worked evenly, and we work the body in all three planes of motion.

Because Choi Kwang Do was designed in conjunction with human movement science and is systematically progressive, our techniques are much more effective for force-production and self-defense than those programs designed without scientific principles. At the same time, they are more effective for enhancing health and longevity.

The sophisticated movements are ideal for activating NGF in the brain, which is important to make neurogenesis possible and more successful. Our stretches are performed gently, so are an excellent way to reduce stress. The complete system helps avoid deterioration in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and even the brain. Striking targets correctly will help prevent diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Bone-loading has been shown to prevent bone loss, as well as to encourage new bone growth, and Choi Kwang Do can help keep your bones and joints strong and healthy for a lifetime.